Financial Services

Pre Retirement Planning & Superannuation:

As you approach retirement, you probably know what kind of lifestyle you want to lead, but you aren’t sure how to fund this lifestyle. We work with you to help you understand how much you will need to fund your desired retirement, how to increase your retirement savings, and how to structure your assets in the most tax effective way. With our help, you can focus on your lifestyle, not your money. After all, having spent most of your life working and saving money for retirement the least you can do for yourself is enjoy it!

Post Retirement Planning & Investment

Just like other client life stages, we will ensure we fully understand your current situation, needs and goals, and assist in structuring your investment so that your needs, including income requirements are best met.

Often this will involve retaining your accumulated superannuation benefits within the superannuation system, either in an SMSF or otherwise, and drawing an income from these assets. It may also involve combining income from your own assets with Centrelink benefits (ie. Age pension). Over the longer term, we will help you monitor your retirement income and investments.

At this stage of life it is expected that relevant estate planning issues have also been addressed, and continue to be addressed.

Insurance Advice

Your need for insurance changes as you move through different stages of your life. The amount and types of insurance you require will be influenced by changes to your personal and financial situation. We will help you identify the types of insurances you need, the level of cover required to protect you, your family and your assets, and provide products solutions that meet your needs.

General Investing

We work with you to fully understanding your risk profile, how much risk you are prepared to take, the investment returns you need to meet your goals, and the type of investments that best suit you. We will determine the type of asset allocation your investment portfolio requires and work out how much involvement you want in the day to day administration of your investment portfolio. We will help you set up your investment portfolio and help you managed them from year to year, to ensure you are best placed to reach your goals.

Self Managed Super Funds

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs), are one of the fastest growing ways for Australians to manage their superannuation and prepare for life after work. We work with our clients and their accountants manage their SMSF, ensuring contributions and benefits are maximised and investments are carefully selected and managed.

Direct Shares

We help clients manage their direct share portfolios, improving diversification and managing tax that can arise from capital gains.

Peace of mind

We design strategies and recommend solutions completely tailored to you and your unique needs.

Allowing you to reach your goals is our objective and we will ensure your financial plan gives you every opportunity to do so. Through our ongoing advice program, will meet with you regularly, to keep you on track.

We are committed to delivering accurate and personalised financial advice in an open and transparent environment, keeping you at the heart of it.